" Re-energize me"

As someone who battles aches and pains on a daily basis as a result of injuries sustained from an automobile accident, weekly Cryotherapy sessions not only alleviate those aches and pains, but they re-energize me to get

back into the gym to regain my strength" - automobile accident client


"Former college athlete"

As a former college athlete no longer playing sports at that level, I am constantly fighting to find new ways to stay in shape. One of the problems I face, is my body doesn't recover the way that it used to. Cryotherapy allows me to train as hard as I want to, even though it may not be as regularly as I want to, and keeps me feeling good" - Former college athlete client


"Cross-fit training"

"Cross-fit training can be really hard on your body, as a cross fit gym owner and practitioner, I am constantly balancing my work outs and my recovery schedule. Cryotherapy sessions allow me to rebound much quicker, and speed up my bounce back time." - Cross-fit gym owner client